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Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, After-Sales

We’ve spent years on valuable product R&D. The more time we devote, the more we’re sure: It’s thoughtful service that bestow value on our product. Good service is not merely a supplement, but a kind of confidence, that we do the best we can.

Customize the scooter


OEM Product orders are welcome to us. Since 2015, we have been developing from product design to business. With highly competitive manufacturing efficiency, we are the first choice to meet the needs of dealers.

We provide our clients with customized services for all specifications of e-scooters, including frame (color & logo), motor, battery, tires, etc. Our professional engineers will help you create the ideal final product for your esteemed brand.

Provide security


Langfeite’s after-sales service team is an experienced group that provides the most attentive assistance to our customers. Our team has years of after-sales service and hands-on experience with our products. Through this expertise, we can guarantee an excellent service experience from the first day of your purchase.

Langfeite gives its Dealers and Customers peace of mind by standing behind our product with a limited warranty that covers the drive unit, battery, and frame. Be confident in knowing that Langfeite got you covered!

Marketing and sales support


Assisting agents with sales and providing strategic support based on market needs. For example, with current e-commerce sales, the Langfeite team can assist agents in developing a SHOPIFY Business strategy.

Assist dealers in marketing planning and provide assistance on materials. We will create pictures and video content on Langfeite’s platforms which agents will have the right to download after signing an agreement. In this way, agents will greatly reduce the cost of materials. We also have long-term cooperation relationships with many online celebrities who can help to localize our products to your market.

Assist the dealer’s marketing team. Be it for Facebook operation or video script planning, We can assist partners in implementing all kinds of Social media strategies in a cheaper and more efficient manner.

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