Innovation is deeply rooted in Langfeite’s corporate culture. We have always aimed to create new solutions and ways to improve our high-performance electric scooters since the founding of the company.


Langfeite was founded in 2015 and is now a Global manufacturer focusing on Dual and Three-wheel Electric Motor Scooters. Located in Shanghai, the city of Innovation and Openness, our Company has been a pioneer in the transformation of urban mobility solutions that combine efficiency, convenience, speed, and safety.

We dream big and focus on details. We are very proud of our products and that have been designed, engineered, and manufactured by our talented employees working together. Langfeite provides the best service to our customers and is committed to achieving the highest standards while meeting the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

Our goals are to be a reputable and trusted partner for all our customers, as well as an employer of choice, and a company that supports the communities where we do business.


Langfeite has two factories, one manufacturing base in Zhejiang, China, and an assembling factory in Shanghai, each of which has an area of over 3,000 square meters. Our Annual Output Value is as high as US$50 Million, and our annual production capacity already reaches more than 100,000 electric scooters.

Our factories are ISO9001 certified, and our product certificates include RoHS, CE, EMC, and LVD.


We are very proud of the fact that our continuous innovation has led us to acquiring almost 100 patents already.


Since our founding, Langfeite’s mission has been to provide our partners and customers with high-quality products. As a pioneer in cutting-edge design and innovation, Langfeite’s electric scooters have become known for their fast speed, excellent stability, and countless unforgettable trips that we and our customers have made with them. We like to commemorate these achievements on our Factories’ walls along with nearly 100 of our patents – which are a source of great pride for all of us at Langfeite.

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