Thanks to our years of efforts in R&D we have built products that represent the latest innovations and cutting edge of electric mobility.
Now we would like to welcome you to join us in bringing our scooters to the world by becoming our dealer !

1, We are looking for distributors worldwide. We don’t require MOQ,  don’t require annual sales task, and our distributors have no financial pressure.

2, We will authorize one exclusive agent in each province of your country, and this agent has the responsibility to promote, distribute, sale and offer technical assistance for LANGFEITE electric scooters within their province. but not allow sell to other provinces.

3, The exclusive agent need to make LANGFEITE logo on the store, and we will bear this cost.

4, We can bring traffic resources for our exclusive distributors, and introduce them consumers who has purchase intention .

5, We always collect videos and photos for LANGFEITE scooters from our distributors, and publish them on our social media and official websites. And we will pay our distributors for these video and photos once we use them.

6, We will keep promoting our brand on social media, and work with your local KOL.  

7, Minimum Advertised Price “MAP” Policy:

LANGFEITE manufactures and markets a quality line of scooters and solutions which need field level support provided by a select group of distribution partners. In order to maintain the integrity of these distributor partnerships, LANGFEITE has implemented a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP). Our “MAP” policy is designed to give a minimum pricing guideline to our customers who advertise and sell products through real store, e-commerce, catalogs, or mass mailings. Accordingly, all sales of LANGFEITE products to said customers are subject to this policy.


Langfeite was established in 2008 in Shanghai, China where it now has its headquarters. Langfeite remains a young company at its core, innovative, and bent upon constant improvement in both our business and products. Attention to innovation is imperative in our philosophy, and a strong relationship with our dealers and partners is our goal.

Langfeite is a new but powerful force in the electronic scooter industry, producing world-class products with both strong engineering and performance. We offer competitively priced, well designed, high quality e-scooters, in a wide range of prices. Each model, from entry price points to elite ones, is designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of our riders, bringing them the ultimate enjoyment that only riding an excellent electric scooter can deliver.

We’re looking for retail partners in many areas. We offer programs tailored to fit the needs of mom and pop shops, or multi-store IBD chains, with reasonable business terms, generous freight programs, and fair pricing. If you feel Langfeite would be a good fit for your business, please fill out the below contact info, and a sales representative from Langfeite E-scooter will soon be in touch. Come join us, and be part of the growth at Langfeite.


Special marketing services
Langfeite provides an extraordinary marketing service that no other suppliers can provide.

Looking for long term partnerships
We want to build long-term partnerships with our dealers and are ready to work together for the success of both parties.

Excellent Products
Our Electronic scooters are built with the latest technology and are well known for their High Quality and Excellent Performance.

Great margins
Great margins. We can build the kind of solution that works for you.

Easy to work with, no forced programs
Langfeite is always ready to support its Dealers but offers Free hands for Dealers who wish to operate independently.

Great customer service and after-sale support
We are here to help you when ever you need/

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